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DIstricts Currently going on Hillside Park at North Boise fields

West Valley Little League

  • 2024 WVLL Softball AllStars Majors Wins State Title!

    2024 WVLL Softball AllStars Majors Wins State Title!

  • Softball Minors Wins State Championship!

    Softball Minors Wins State Championship!

  • 12U's Win District 2 and Head to State...

    12U's Win District 2 and Head to State...

  • 10U's take District 2 Championship head to State

    10U's take District 2 Championship head to State

  • 9U's Win Districts!

    9U's Win Districts!

  • Fall Ball Registration coming... 7/25/24

    Fall Ball Registration coming... 7/25/24

 West Valley Little League is a proud and long standing Little League in District 2, Southern Idaho.  We support our community as a Non Profit 501(c)(3) and provide Baseball/Softball for the young players in Eagle, Star and Middleton Idaho (along with some surrounding areas.)

We are interested in hearing from you, if you have questions and would like to register, please check this website and feel free to reach out to our Volunteer Board Members.
4/5/24 A message from President Nick Smith
We are all aware of the weather we have been facing recently. We are hopeful for a break in the weather tonight, but we are preparing for the worst for Opening Day. Our Opening Day committee is working tirelessly to ensure that we have a fun and successful Opening Day no matter what the weather is for tomorrow. 

Opening Day and pictures will take place no matter what the weather is for tomorrow. With games and practices, there are no other feasible days for us to hold Opening Day after tomorrow. We are taking precautions to keep our players as dry as possible for their pictures while still providing the same high quality photos our WVLL families have come to expect every year. 

Your teams pictures will still proceed as scheduled. We will not be holding any make up picture days. 

In regard to the skills challenge, we will do everything in our power to hold the WVLL Skills Challenge as we do every year on Opening Day. If we are unable to due to weather or field conditions, we will update the league with our secondary plans. 

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding in what has been a wet start to our 2024 season.




 3/8/2024 – 3/10/2024

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West Valley Little League and our Friends at Dicks sporting goods

2-23-24 Managers Meeting
2-24-24 Baseball and Softball Assessments
3-4-24  practices start for everyone except T-ball-
3-25-24 Games start for all divisions (T-ball practices start)
4-6-24 OPENING DAY! Hawks, Memorial Stadium-
4-8-24 – T-ball games start



Baseball and softball assessments are Saturday, February 24th.  Below are some important details. Please read through.........

We have hundreds of kids to assess, so we are going to do our best to make it a very quick and fluid process.  On the baseball side, we will start with A, AA, AAA, then end with Majors.  Softball will only be assessing Majors and will start in the morning. A spreadsheet was sent out through email with your child's specific time.

See below for very important instructions:

1) Assessments are at Sawtooth Sports, which is an indoor facility located at 1216 Aviation Way in Caldwell, ID.  The first group will check in at 8:00am and the assessments will continue until approximately 7pm.

2) Sawtooth Sports has been kind enough to rent us their facility for the assessments.  With that, there is limited parking and space inside so we are asking for only one parent to bring your kid.  Due to the lack of space for both parking and parental areas to sit, we are asking that you not bring siblings to the assessments.  Sawtooth has a parking lot and some surrounding areas, but you may also have to park on Aviation Way and walk in.  Due to the parking issues, we are limiting the assessment "groups" to 12-14 players. 

3) Sawtooth is an exceptional indoor facility, so we ask that kids that are assessing wear sliders/sandals in ...and then change into turf or tennis shoes for their assessments -
no cleats allowed.  The less dirt we track in, the better.

4) Those assessing need to show up 20 minutes prior to their assessment time.  Within those 20 minutes, you will check in, be assigned a number, and start a static warm up.  Please do not show up too early.  If you are early, please wait in your car or outside until your specified time.  The check-in table will be easy to find after you enter the front lobby.

5) There will be a small area for parents to sit during assessments.  It will be the area by the old basketball gym...which is where softball will be holding their assessments (once you enter the facility and walk through the front office it is to the left). There will be no parents allowed by the gym equipment, the check-in area (after completing the process), or upstairs.  It will be clearly marked.  The area will be taped off for coaches to assess/WVLL board members facilitating the tryouts. 

6) Sawtooth has been kind enough to let us use their baseballs, so PLEASE leave Sawtooth with the same number of baseballs they started with.  If your kiddo tries to sneak out with one, please bring it back as we will have to pay for baseballs that are missing.  VP of softball Dave Dowling will be bringing softballs for the softball tryouts, but we have the same ask...if softballs walk away, we as WVLL have to purchase more.  

7) We understand that the times may not work for everyone, BUT, if we as WVLL have kids showing up at hours they aren't expected, it becomes a problem not only with the level of play they may attempt to assess with, but the coaches that need to assess them may be gone/haven’t arrived because it's not their time slot for their particular division.  As stated earlier, on the baseball side we are starting with A and then ending with Majors.  Also, having to add extra kids into time slots they aren't planned for will most likely cause us to run behind schedule.

Please don’t email us to change assessment times.  These times are chosen for specific reasons and we know it’s impossible to make times work perfectly for everyone.  Between softball and baseball we have nearly 340 players to assess, so please give us some grace.

At the end of the day, if your player doesn’t assess, your kid will still be drafted into the division he/she signed up for, they will just be subject to the blind draft and their name picked randomly.  If it is determined after a couple practices that they need to move up or down in divisions, the WVLL Board will work with you to make that happen.

That being said, please make EVERY attempt to make it to assessments as they really help make sure kiddos get selected for the most appropriate division from the beginning, which also helps make our teams in every division more even.  That then equals the best competition at every level, smaller teams (more playing time), and creates a better experience.

8) Once your kid is done assessing, please gather up your gear and head out as soon as you can because as stated earlier, parking and parental areas to sit are minimal.  Thank you for your investment in WVLL and we look forward to the assessment process and the draft process that follows.

thank you
West Valley



West Valley Important Dates

Mark your calendars!!!


 Sunday, February 4th - Registration Closes

* You will be placed on a waitlist if you try to register after this date *


 February 12th – 15th – Coaches Interviews

Monday, 2/12 – Rookie

Tuesday, 2/13 – A

Wednesday, 2/14 - AA

Thursday, 2/15 - AAA & Majors


Friday, February 16th – Managers Announced


Friday, February 23rd - Managers Meeting

6:30pm - location TBD


Saturday, February 24th – Baseball and Softball Assessments 

Majors, AAA, AA, A

@ Sawtooth Sports

1216 Aviation Way #101

Caldwell, ID 83605 

Times will be sent the week after registration closes


February 26th - 29th – Drafts Baseball and Softball

Monday, 2/26 - Majors

Tuesday, 2/27 – AAA

Wednesday, 2/28 – AA

Thursday, 2/29 – A


Saturday March 2nd – Intermediate/Junior/Senior Assessments

Location TBD


Monday, March 4th - Practices Begin, except T-ball


Monday, March 25th -  Games start, T-ball practice starts


Saturday, April 6th - OPENING DAY!!!!!

(Pictures, skills challenge, raffle, food)

Hawks Memorial Stadium


Monday, April 8th – T-ball games start



$160 for A and above
$145 for Rookie
$125 for T-Ball
“Early” registration ends 1/10/24
$60 increase for all divisions if you register after 1/10/24

We have added a new Division - SINGLE - A sandwiched in between Rookie and Double -A
Divisions now are:
Rookie (Coach Pitch)
Single- A
Double -A

Spring registration will close 1st week of February

Games expected to start last week of March/First week of April.

Baseball Division Break Age Break down

- T-Ball - 4-5 - After 9/1/2018 through 8/31/2020
- Rookie (Coach Pitch) - 6-7 - After 9/1/2016 through 8/31/2018
- A (Player Pitch) - 7-8 - After 9/1/2015 through 8/31/2017
- AA - 9-10 - After 9/1/2013 through 8/31/2015
- AAA - 10-11 - After 9/1/2012 through 8/31/2014
- Majors - 11-12 - After 9/1/2011 through 8/31/2013
- 50/70 - 13-14 - After 9/1/2009 through 8/31/2011
- Senior - 15-16 - After 9/1/2007 through 8/31/2009

Softball Divisions:

Rookie Softball
Rookie Softball Division (Coach Pitch) of WVLL shall consist of player members who are league age seven (7) and eight (8). The Rookie Softball Division is primarily designed for players league age 7 and 8; a player member who is league age six (6) and has had one year of Tee-ball experience may wish to enroll at this level of play.

Minor Softball 
9-12 Major/Minor League – The Major/Minor League Softball division of SBLL shall consist of players who are league age nine (9), ten (10), eleven (11) and twelve (12). The 9-12 League is broken into two divisions: Minors and Majors. Prior to the start of the season, all players must participate in a skills assessment.

(i) Minor League Softball – will consist of member players not selected in the Major player draft. Teams in this division will be made up of player’s league age 9 through 11. The Softball Player Agent will form the teams and every effort will be made to balance the player skill level equally among the teams. Requests for placement on specific teams will be allowed.

Majors Softball 
Major League Softball – will consist of member players who have participated in the skills assessment and are subsequently selected in the player draft. These players can be league age 10 through 12. If a player was selected as a Major player in the previous year, that player will remain in the Major level and will have to go through the assessment. 100% of 12 year olds must be in the Major Division.

Juniors and Seniors Softball
This is the highest level of “competitive” softball in Little League and  shall consist of players age thirteen (13) to sixteen (16). Due to the low number of players at this level the district (district II) has decided to combine the junior and senior leagues. As with Majors, the players will attend a tryout where coaches will evaluate and determine which players to draft to the Junior/Senior level.







West Valley Core unit 11U's BACK(9U) to BACK(10U) to BACK(11U) State Champs 2023

West Valley 9U's win District 2 Championship


Field Status

  • Avimor

    Updated: 03/12/24 1:07PM
    • Field 1
  • Eagle Christian

    Updated: 03/12/24 1:07PM
    • West
    • East
    • East II - TBall
    • West II - TBall
  • Hunters Creek

    Updated: 03/12/24 1:07PM
    • West
    • East
    • HC Cages
  • Eagle Nazarene

    Updated: 03/12/24 1:07PM
    • ENC Batting Cage
    • ENC 1
    • ENC 2
    • ENC 3
    • ENC 4 (Grass Field)
    • ENC 5 (Grass Field)
    • ENC 6 (Grass Field)

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