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Feb, 2020

Fair Ball: February

Hard to believe Spring is quite literally …in the air.  Baseball/Softball Teams will be formed over the coming weeks as we engage and complete the cycle: Manager Interviews, Board Meetings, Assessments, Draft …emails/texts/calls and posts on the interwebs …it all comes down to one simply and sincere priority: kids.


Little League is a storied organization and here in West Valley it provides us a much-needed support and backdrop mechanism for our Local League …and make no mistake, it is ours …

Our Community

Our Schools

Our Kids

To say this is a huge responsibility would be accurate and not inflated.  But let’s talk through some things and hopefully provide a feel for what is here, what is around the corner and what we all can expect.


Skills Assessments were completed this last Saturday for our AA, AAA, Majors players (Baseball) Intermediate + Juniors/Seniors and Softball Assessments to follow.

THANK YOU to all that were able to attend and of course to all that helped pull it off, it was a fun day and we are just getting started, Rookie, Tee Ball, Softball …SO MUCH more to come.

Now comes the Draft …and ultimately forming of Teams which is the end game for our pre-season process.  A note on the draft process (for AA up through Seniors) …



This is exciting and nerve wracking …I mean seriously, 8yr olds being drafted?  The term itself is however: misleading, a draft is a process that allows for the distribution of players in a fair and equitable manner.  Coaches take notes based on Player Skills Assessment and will obviously try and draft the strongest team possible …why not, we are all competitive.! BUT …the draft process mitigates the unfair stacking of teams.  It also allows for new teammates to be formed year over year.  We here in WVLL draft new teams every year, this creates a stronger sense of community and will hopefully provide the canvas for new friendships to be formed.


Pro Tip: Let the Coaches stress about the draft process …kids play the game, that’s where the fun is anyway.


Schedules Formed/Communicated


So critical and important for parents we know, when will practices and games start?  We have started forming our initial practices/games schedule but we cannot complete until Teams are formed after next week.  It’s coming …


Get ready to hear from your Division Directors and Team Managers/Coaches as early as next week (for AA, AAA, Majors) …we will also work to have our A/Rookie Teams formed by 2/28 as well as Tee Ball Teams being formed!  Emails are coming and please check the website for information as well.

Pro Tip: “Events” section of the website houses key/important dates.  Join our Facebook page and be on the lookout for some directions on the “Team Manager” App …some key dates below:

Rounding 3rd ….


  • February 24 – Majors Draft Baseball
  • February 25 – AAA Draft Baseball
  • February 26 – AA Draft Baseball
  • February 27 – (A) Rookie Teams Selected
  • February 28 – Managers Meeting and Dinner with Equipment Handout
  • February 29 – Assessments Baseball League Age 13-16 1:00 p.m. Eagle High
  • February 29th FIELD DAY
  • March 1 – Tee Ball Teams Formed
  • March 2 – Baseball Practices Begin
  • March 7 – Softball Assessments (for all age groups)
  • March 7 – FIELD DAY for Intermediate and Seniors
  • March 9th – Softball makeup Assessments and draft followingMarch 16th First Practice for Softball

To close it out here I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my amazing volunteer colleagues/friends as we continue to put in the work.  My first 2020 Little League moment was this last Saturday, after gathering league age 8-9 kids and the apprehension, excitement, glee was on full display in these kids faces.  That energy and earnestness brought it all to light as I stood there talking about fun, respect and donuts and knowing we really are underway.

Play Ball,


Nathan Garr

West Valley Little League - President