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Feb, 2020

WVLL Field Day

Field Day 2020
Fields for Saturday
We are spread out with our field use and need to coordinate volunteer work this Saturday based on your Division (e.g. AA, AAA, Rookie ...etc)

- Duck Alley
- Eagle Christian
- Gerber Park

NOTE - for Tee Ball families you are off the hook this weekend!  Your practice + games will be at Eagle Nazarene Church and played on a grass field so not real prep is needed.  Intermediate and Juniors/Seniors families will have a later field day as well, so no need to worry about showing up this weekend.

Equipment Needed:

All families can bring ...
- gloves
- rakes
- hula hoes
- edgers
- weed eaters
- blowers……

We could also use an ATV for Eagle Christian!  If you have a 4x wheeler please bring for dragging the field.

9:00am start ...please show up to your "assigned" fields.

What are we supposed to do and where are we supposed to be?
Here is a punch-list (feel free to download and print out) with what fields will be assigned to what "Divisions" (Rookie, AA, AAA ...etc)